People Want the Story

They want the hero, the villain, the boy who meets girl, the girl who meets girl, the love, the loss, the hurt, the pain, the twists, the turns, the ups, the downs, the happy ending, the moral, the lesson, the learning, and ultimately they want the LIFE.

They want to connect. They want to fall in love and to feel loved.

Sometimes that’s hard. Sometimes, as a marketer, all you have to work with is a tire sale, on Tuesday, it’s 15% off. It’s difficult to help someone fall iTire Adn love with that.

Unless, like Michelin, you tell a story about what’s riding on their tires. Then, all of a sudden: there is life, there is love. There is making babies, and protecting those babies. There is a story.Michelin

Other times it is hard, because, well, we feel a little embarrassed. It’s easier to keep it light, focused on the basics. Strictly first date stuff: When? Where? How much? How is this one better than the one across the street? What are the features and benefits? Is it Gluten Free? And we may tell ourselves that this is all our customers want to know, everything else is just fluff.

That’s probably what most banks think. We’ve got better service, or more aggressive rates, or a wider set of products. Let’s go with that message. Again.

Or, you can be like HSBC and realize that your product is really just the subtext to the tapestry of life’s journey

Watch Lift by Grey London.



Not a word is spoken, or written, and yet, we come away a little changed.

What’s your story?

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